Wireless Dancing Water Speaker With LED Light

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1. There are colored LED lights inside, and the water column is sprayed with different colors when the fountain is used.
2. After connecting the audio equipment, the speaker will spur the colorful water column with the rhythm of the music, which is especially outstanding.
3. Dual channel 3D sound technology, full rubber side speakers, low frequency enhancement technology, showing extraordinary sound quality.
4. Environmentally friendly, vegetable filling liquid.
5. Lightweight and stylish, easy to use, suitable for home and office use.
6. Standard USB power plug, no battery power required.
7. Can connect a variety of music playback devices, such as: mp3, MP4, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Size: 25.5*15*10.5cm.
Output power: 3W × 2.
Working current: 280~590MA.
Working voltage: 5V~4.5V.
Product color: black, white, blue, pink.
Audio cable length: 120cm.
USB cable length: 120cm.
Connecting cable length: 110cm.
Includes: 2 x speaker, 1 x audio cable, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x connecting cable.

2 x Speaker
1 x Audio Cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Connecting Cable

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